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Life is short, and we know it well.
We see the seasons change, the flowers fade, the stars fall.
We hear the ticking of the clock, the beating of our hearts, the sighing of our breaths.
We feel the passing of the days, the aging of our bodies, the fading of our dreams.

We wonder what it all means, why we are here, what we are meant to do.
We question our choices, our actions, our paths.
We regret our mistakes, our failures, our losses.

We fear the unknown, the future, the end.
We dread the pain, the sorrow, the loneliness.

But life is also beautiful, and we know it well.
We see the sunrise and sunset, the rainbow and the moon, the smile and the tear.
We hear the laughter and the song, the whisper and the shout, the thank you and the sorry.
We feel the warmth and the cold, the touch and the kiss, the love and the hate.

We marvel at the wonders, the miracles, the mysteries.
We celebrate our joys, our successes, our victories.

We hope for the best, the possible, the new.
We dream of the happiness, the peace, the fulfillment.

We are not alone, and we know it well.
We have each other, our friends, our families.
We have ourselves, our minds, our souls.
We have help, our guides, our mentors.

We can do anything, and we know it well.
We can learn and grow, create and innovate, inspire and motivate.
We can change and improve, overcome and achieve, heal and forgive.
We can live and love, laugh and cry, give and receive.

We can make our dreams come true, and we know it well.
We can start today, right now, this moment.
We can take action, make a plan, follow through.
We can ask for help, seek advice, accept feedback.

We can live the best life, and we know it well.
We can be ourselves, be authentic, be honest.
We can be grateful, be humble, be generous.
We can be happy, be content, be hopeful.

Life is short, but life is beautiful.
We are not alone, we can do anything.
We can make our dreams come true, we can live the best life.

We know it well, and we can show it well.