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Transition Care in North Florida

We are available 24-hours a day and seven days a week if needed.

Dealing with illnesses can be challenging, especially when transitioning home from a medical facility. Patients can often become stressed and confused, causing their recovery to slow down or even reverse, causing the need for rehospitalization. Our caregiver can meet you and your loved one at the hospital or rehabilitation center in order to go over the necessary safety measures which will ensure that transitioning home is a smooth process.


A caregiver can provide post-discharge care services to help prevent rehospitalization:


  • Make sure all new prescriptions are filled prior to discharge
  • Educate patient on listed medications
  • Make sure a follow-up appointment is made prior to discharge
  • Arrange transportation home
  • Arrange transportation for all follow-up appointments
  • Provide healthy meals and beverages upon arrival home
  • Provide emotional support to patient and family members
  • Assistance with personal care



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